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4 Tips for Easier Commuting in Chicago

Getting around Chicago can be as easy or frustrating as you make it. Parking availability is not terribly predictable if you don’t have a garage or parking spot. And even if you’re lucky to score a spot, make sure it’s a legal parking spot and pay the meter. One minute over an expired meter can cost you.
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Easy Ways to Build Your Email List

Independent retailers often forget to build their email lists daily as a way to market their businesses throughout the year. Unlike social media platforms which may choose to charge you to market to your own fan base, emails you collect are yours. Here are 10 ways to build a strong email list that can reap rewards for the long-term.
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Supporting America's modern heroes

Halima Amjad, MD, MPH, recalls a time when her father wandered into the kitchen as her mother prepared dinner, snatched a piece of raw chicken and put it in his mouth. Her mother, and his wife of 37 years, yelled and ran toward him, ignoring the pain in her arthritic knee, and quickly yanked the chicken out of his mouth.
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Raising the Roof

Dorothy Mackevich Marks has tried everything to keep the raccoons from stealing the ripe melons on her rooftop garden. She even tried dropping her cat's combed out hair as a deterrent. "My husband was laughing at me. It's a little humiliating," admits the Evanston, Illinois, homeowner. She had a rooftop garden designed and built above her garage originally as a project to do with her daughter.
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Bringing the Arts to the Blind

Brett Shishkoff goes to the theater, enjoys museum exhibits, attends the opera and swims with friends. He’s also blind. “All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It. Until recently, however, Chicago stages didn’t make it easy for those who were blind or visually impaired. But in 2015, the Chicago Community Trust brought together Chicago arts community leaders to address accessibility for patrons with disabilities.
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The New, White-Collar Apprenticeship

Thanks to a push by the insurance industry, apprentices may be coming to an office near you.
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The Pull of Tiny Homes Made of Stone

Tiny homes are gaining traction as more homeowners are deciding that living with less means living more. Natural stone has become a popular building material for these homes. Karen Keating, AIA, ASID, president and architect with TKP Architects pc, in Golden, Colorado, began noticing the interest in smaller homes right after 9/11 and saw the trend pick up steam when the recession hit.
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Mystery Dinner in Chicago

Mikey Corona, bow tie-clad emcee for the evening, gives us a sly smile as he explains the dessert being set before us. “We’re having cornmeal pound cake with saffron whip, sweet tomato chutney and just a sprinkling of sal de gusano. Does anyone know what sal de gusano is?”. he asks, looking down the dining table for reactions.
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The Food Science Lab is Teaching Students to Grow Food in a Chicago High School

Carl Schurz High School isn’t technically located in a “food desert,” but it might as well be. Nine out of 10 students attending this Chicago high school come from low-income households, where highly processed foods and fast food are the norm. Yet, a surprising development is unfolding within these very walls. On a particularly cold February day, with snow still on the ground, many Carl Schurz students were served fresh micro-greens as part of their Chicago Public School-provided lunch. “Wow, it’s fresh as hell,” one student declared as he tasted his salad. “It actually tastes pretty good.” For many students, it’s not only one of the first times they’ve tasted fresh greens, it’s the first time they’ve been able to trace the origin of their food. Granted, it’s easy in this case because it came from the Food Science Lab located on the first floor of their school, in a former English classroom.
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Can Space-Aged Tomato Seeds Save an American Food Desert?

Despite having three grocery stores within a mile radius, many students attending Carl Schurz High School in Chicago have never eaten a fresh piece of lettuce, much less know where their food is grown. This year, that’s changing for some with the construction of the school’s new food science lab. The lab allows them to grow everything from tomato seeds that have orbited through space to earthly micro-greens, arugula, and kale in a variety of different environments. “There’s a huge disconnect between environmental and food science education, the actual process of growing, and teaching students what that process is,” says Mitch Arsenie, an AP environmental science teacher at Shurz High School, which is located on the city’s northwest side. But he’s not starting out small. He’s starting with tomato seeds that have spent some time on the International Space Station (ISS).
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Are You Ready for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Art Experience?

Fans of Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles might be surprised to learn that the artist painted three distinct versions of his intimate room. From February 14 through May 10, 2016, for the first time ever in North America, visitors to the Art Institute of Chicago will have the opportunity to view all three of Van Gogh's "Bedroom" paintings at an exhibit called Van Gogh's Bedrooms.
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The Classic Chicago Dive Bars You Have to Visit

Each of Chicago's 77 neighborhoods has its own identifiable cultural landmark or characteristic, be it a statue, museum, or local dive bar. Some residents find a neighborhood becomes a true community when they locate their no-frills watering hole. If you want to truly drink like a local, then these are the pubs to know.
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