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Megy Karydes

Lover of food, travel, adventures and, oh yea, writing. Best part of my life is when I get to merge all of those loves together.


Supporting America's modern heroes

Halima Amjad, MD, MPH, recalls a time when her father wandered into the kitchen as her mother prepared dinner, snatched a piece of raw chicken and put it in his mouth. Her mother, and his wife of 37 years, yelled and ran toward him, ignoring the pain in her arthritic knee, and quickly yanked the chicken out of his mouth.
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Raising the Roof

Dorothy Mackevich Marks has tried everything to keep the raccoons from stealing the ripe melons on her rooftop garden. She even tried dropping her cat's combed out hair as a deterrent. "My husband was laughing at me. It's a little humiliating," admits the Evanston, Illinois, homeowner. She had a rooftop garden designed and built above her garage originally as a project to do with her daughter.
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HGTV's Alison Victoria: Crashing Kitchens, Saving Lives

“Don’t look up. Whatever you do, don’t look up,” warned her crew. It was too late. Alison Victoria, interior designer and host of HGTV and DIY Network’s popular show, Kitchen Crashers, looked up just as her crew’s van pulled into a restaurant parking lot to see an emaciated pit bull trying to lick up any scraps of food it could find on the ground.
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Ben Smith: Playing with Intention

Playing sports seriously, whether amateur or pro, includes a lot more than showing up on the field or at the rink. Mental preparation, diet, exercise and proper sleep are requirements that make up an athlete’s day, 24/7. For Ben Smith, a forward with the Chicago Blackhawks, starting young on the ice prepared him for this strenuous physical and mental regimen, including a relentless training and travel schedule.
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Can Paid Internships Help Bridge The Gap In Manufacturing?

Trevor Fischer, a 23 year old enrolled at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, Washington, admits he never held much interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing. He believes young people don't consider a career in manufacturing because the idea of working at a big industrial plant can be intimidating.
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Chicago Foodie Tour: Love the Experience as Much as the Food

The brawny and brash attitude of Chicago sometimes gives the impression that all locals eat are hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. In reality, the city is a foodie’s dream, filled with gastronomical delights. One day is hardly enough to really enjoy the city’s culinary scene (That would take years.), but it’s enough time to tease your senses. To maximize your time, this foodie itinerary takes you from one part of the city to another, yet provides enough time to make it to all of these phenomenal restaurants in one day.
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The Rise of Craft Beer in Chicago

Chicago may be blessed with Michelin-starred restaurants and an enviable dining landscape but these days it’s the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene that is taking center stage. Thanks to chef collaborations and a supportive community, the city of big shoulders has embraced the craft beer community with a vengeance.
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America's best regional food?

The Italian beef sandwich was born and raised in Chicago as the city's answer to a French dip and a Philly cheese steak sandwich.
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From Farm to Table | Mindful Metropolis Magazine | Connecting Chicago's Conscious Community

City Provisions, an organic catering company based in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood, hosts monthly farm tours where participants get a glimpse into how the food we eat arrives on our plates and why we should care.
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Make More Money with Social Media

Christine Claringbold, founder and creative mind behind Eye Pop Art, has created a successful business using social media & etsy.
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CHICAGO: Putting Global Fair Trade Fashion on the Map

Gone are the days when fair trade meant unflattering designs or met only the needs of a specific niche market. Fair trade has grown up and its offerings now command a respectable space in many women's closets and jewelry boxes.
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Megy Karydes

Megy Karydes established Karydes Consulting in 2007 to offer professional writing, marketing and public relations services to publishers, media outlets, organizations and individuals working for positive social change as well as to support women-owned businesses.