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Raising the Roof

Dorothy Mackevich Marks has tried everything to keep the raccoons from stealing the ripe melons on her rooftop garden. She even tried dropping her cat's combed out hair as a deterrent. "My husband was laughing at me. It's a little humiliating," admits the Evanston, Illinois, homeowner. She had a rooftop garden designed and built above her garage originally as a project to do with her daughter.
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Mystery Dinner in Chicago

Mikey Corona, bow tie-clad emcee for the evening, gives us a sly smile as he explains the dessert being set before us. “We’re having cornmeal pound cake with saffron whip, sweet tomato chutney and just a sprinkling of sal de gusano. Does anyone know what sal de gusano is?”. he asks, looking down the dining table for reactions.
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The Food Science Lab is Teaching Students to Grow Food in a Chicago High School

Carl Schurz High School isn’t technically located in a “food desert,” but it might as well be. Nine out of 10 students attending this Chicago high school come from low-income households, where highly processed foods and fast food are the norm. Yet, a surprising development is unfolding within these very walls. On a particularly cold February day, with snow still on the ground, many Carl Schurz students were served fresh micro-greens as part of their Chicago Public School-provided lunch. “Wow, it’s fresh as hell,” one student declared as he tasted his salad. “It actually tastes pretty good.” For many students, it’s not only one of the first times they’ve tasted fresh greens, it’s the first time they’ve been able to trace the origin of their food. Granted, it’s easy in this case because it came from the Food Science Lab located on the first floor of their school, in a former English classroom.
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Can Space-Aged Tomato Seeds Save an American Food Desert?

Despite having three grocery stores within a mile radius, many students attending Carl Schurz High School in Chicago have never eaten a fresh piece of lettuce, much less know where their food is grown. This year, that’s changing for some with the construction of the school’s new food science lab. The lab allows them to grow everything from tomato seeds that have orbited through space to earthly micro-greens, arugula, and kale in a variety of different environments. “There’s a huge disconnect between environmental and food science education, the actual process of growing, and teaching students what that process is,” says Mitch Arsenie, an AP environmental science teacher at Shurz High School, which is located on the city’s northwest side. But he’s not starting out small. He’s starting with tomato seeds that have spent some time on the International Space Station (ISS).
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Chicago's Best Weekend Getaways to Get You Excited For Spring

The Midwest's brutal winters provide ample inspiation for weekend trips when the warm weather hits. Here are some of our favorite getaways, in several nearby states. The main silver lining to Chicago's brutal winter months is the reward of a trip when the weather finally turns. Longer days, fewer layers, and more time outdoors has us plotting spring break trips.
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6 Last-Minute Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day In Chicago

Valentine’s Day always seems to creep up on us, even though the date never changes. Thankfully, Chicago makes it easy for 11th-hour Romeos (and Juliets) to celebrate the holiday of love. Here are some of the best ways to spend a romantic February 14 in Chicago without making it seem like
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7 Chicago Bars We're Secretly Obsessed With

Some of Chicago’s finest bars live underground. Others sit high in the sky or hide in dark alleys. Here are seven of our favorite out-of-the-way places to imbibe, whether we’re looking for a post-work drink or a swanky date night. RM Champagne Salon Glittering lights in a secluded alley lead the way to RM Champagne Salon in the West Loop.
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Nine Fresh Ideas for a Valentine's Day in Chicago

Romantics looking for new ways to impress can choose from tossing pizza with a James Beard Award-winning chef to learning how to dance. Ditch the standard candle-lit dinner and step it up with these fun suggestions instead. There's a time and place for a nice, romantic dinner, but most people like to do something a little different on Valentine's Day.
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How to Master a Detox in Chicago

The new year has many people wondering how to reset their body and mind from this holiday's vices. These Chicago businesses have made it easy for anyone to take the first step. Chicago's weather doesn't do its residents any favors when it comes to health and wellness resolutions at the start of the new year, since the city is usually fighting snow or sleet and the sun sets early in the evening.
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Where to Get Dinner for Two in Chicago—For Under $50

Our picks for where to get a great meal without breaking the bank in the Windy City. Chicago's restaurant scene is as international and cosmopolitan as the city itself, with no shortage of award-winning chefs and restaurants with coveted Michelin stars. But that doesn't mean a great meal out needs to be a formal or costly affair.
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Cheers, Bourbon Women

Two-fifths of bourbon drinkers are women. Why are women suddenly drawn to America’s native spirit? According to Susan Reigler, president of the board of directors of Bourbon Women, the rise in interest in women isn’t exactly sudden. “I grew up in Kentucky,” says Reigler. “Women have been drinking bourbon for a very long time.”.
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The Superior Sparkles of Italy's Prosecco Superiore DOCG

Growing up, Countess Ninni Collalto used to take friends visiting from nearby Venice to the most damaged and scary parts of her castle, telling them horrible stories of ghosts and prisons filled with headless crocodiles. “Our game places were the magnolia trees and the walls were used to build secret shelters and organize big clashes between gangs,” she recounts fondly.
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