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The Pull of Tiny Homes Made of Stone

Tiny homes are gaining traction as more homeowners are deciding that living with less means living more. Natural stone has become a popular building material for these homes. Karen Keating, AIA, ASID, president and architect with TKP Architects pc, in Golden, Colorado, began noticing the interest in smaller homes right after 9/11 and saw the trend pick up steam when the recession hit.
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Can Paid Internships Help Bridge The Gap In Manufacturing?

Trevor Fischer, a 23 year old enrolled at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, Washington, admits he never held much interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing. He believes young people don't consider a career in manufacturing because the idea of working at a big industrial plant can be intimidating.
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The Price is Right

Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But what to do with unsold product after all the merriment dies down? Here are some ideas to make merchandise move. While the idea of cutting prices may make retailers cringe since it impacts their bottom line, the reality is that you’re wasting precious retail floor space with products that aren’t moving and that can be costlier than the products themselves.
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Community Matters!

Your point of differentiation from big boxes stores applies to more than just your product mix. It extends to the larger community as well. Here are five actionable marketing ideas for outreach that are well worth the effort. Community outreach means different things to different retailers but all of them agree that being a part of the community is an important part of their business.
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Fair Trade’s Stirring Reception

Fair trade principles have become increasingly relevant in a rapidly interconnected world. Find out what’s new in this important product segment. Thanks to social media, many of us have instant access to news around the world including the clothing factory tragedy in Bangladesh. How does this news translate at the retail level?
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This Grass Is Greener

This sustainable resource is a great choice for eco-friendly materials from furniture to clothing. Bamboo and other sustainable materials are becoming hot commodities for producing jewelry, gifts and housewares as more consumers seek out eco-friendly alternatives to virgin materials. Savvy retailers like Amanda McClements, owner and creative director of Salt & Sundry in Washington, D.C, are stocking them not only because they are eco-friendly but they are affordable as well.
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Easy Ways to Market Yourself

As writers, we often don’t consider marketing our work as a way to secure new business. We file our stories and then pitch new ones. Or we write a book and we’re already working on our next one. Yet, savvy writers know that business begets business and one easy way to stay on one’s radar is by being visible.
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Retailing Insight Aug/Sept Holiday 2013 : Cover

Once relegated to big box craft stores has become big business for independent retailers: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) events. “DIY events are a great way to reach out to customers, current and new, especially those in their 30s and 40s who might have more time and interest in learning something new,” says Cinnamon Cooper, co-founder of the popular DIY Trunk Show in Chicago.
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Make More Money with Social Media

Christine Claringbold, founder and creative mind behind Eye Pop Art, has created a successful business using social media & etsy.
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The Art of Business: Plan It

As artists, we don't often see ourselves as businesspeople. But the fact is, even if you're creative by nature, you still need a plan to get to the next level, whatever that level may be. A well-developed business plan should be an essential element of your business.
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South Africa

With its powerful connection to nature and intense creative energy that spills over into its handmade products, there is a growing focus of attention on Africa. And for the South African government, organizing the South African Handmade Collection (SAHC) tradeshow was an important step in shining the global spotlight on its handicrafts industry.
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Cultivating Retail Success: TWIG

Ask any brick-and-mortar gift store what draws customers in and keeps them coming back and you'll undoubtedly hear a range of responses: unique products; enticing displays; engaging in-store events; courteous, knowledgeable staff; location, location, location.
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Megy Karydes

Megy Karydes established Karydes Consulting in 2007 to offer professional writing, marketing and public relations services to publishers, media outlets, organizations and individuals working for positive social change as well as to support women-owned businesses.